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At Keima Press, we understand the critical role that durable, reliable labelling plays in many industries, particularly where exposure to moisture or harsh conditions is inevitable. Our waterproof tags are designed to endure the elements, ensuring that your essential information remains clear and legible, no matter the environment.

Custom Waterproof Tags for Every Need

Diverse Applications: Our waterproof tags are perfect for a variety of applications, from marine and aquatic operations to outdoor construction sites, and from the chemical handling sectors to food and beverage industries. Whether you need to track equipment underwater, label outdoor assets, or ensure product information stays intact in wet or refrigerated environments, our tags are built to last.

Superior Materials and Printing Technology: We utilize advanced synthetic materials that are resistant to water, chemicals, UV light, and tears, making them ideal for even the most challenging conditions. Combined with our high-quality printing processes, Keima Press delivers tags that feature vibrant, fade-resistant colours and sharp, clear text.

Customisable Features: With our range of customisable options, you can tailor your tags to fit specific requirements. Choose from various sizes, shapes, and colours and add any text, logo, or graphic. Our tags can also be pre-punched with holes or equipped with adhesives, ready for easy application.

Ensuring Durability and Compliance

Reliability in Harsh Conditions: With waterproof, smudge-proof, and tear-resistant qualities, our tags are built to withstand the rigours of industries like water treatment, chemical production, horticulture, and logistics, ensuring that they remain functional and legible through exposure to water, mud, oil, and more.

Compliance and Safety: Adequate labelling is not only a regulatory requirement in many fields but also a critical component of workplace safety. Our waterproof tags help you comply with industry standards and safety regulations, keeping essential information accessible and intact.

Quick Turnaround and Expert Support

Fast Service Delivery: Keima Press offers quick turnaround times without compromising on quality, so you can get your tags when you need them, ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly.

Local Melbourne Service: Located in Melbourne, we offer the convenience of local service backed by the expertise to meet international standards. Our team is on hand to assist with design choices, provide technical advice, and ensure you receive the best product for your needs.

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